NEW DVA Promo Video Project

DVA Promo Video Project

Fellow DVA Pilots,

From time to time over the years, our website manager and fellow pilot, Darryl, and I have kicked around the idea of getting a new DVA promotional video done to go along with the new branding and look we’ve added since I began as CEO here almost 4 years ago.

We now have an opportunity to get a great high-quality promotional video done by a very talented videographer for an excellent rate. It basically would cost us less than $100 to get a brand-new DVA top-notch video produced.

Since all funds currently donated through our site go to help pay the annual costs for VAFS, web hosting and other operational expenses, we would like very much to fund the production of the video seperately.

So we would like to present you, the DVA Pilot Community, the opportunity to be a big part of helping us crowdfund the new airline video.

Whether you can give a $1 or $5, or any amount you choose, this is a no-obligation and completely voluntary effort. No one is required or expected to contribute anything. If you choose to be a part of making this happen with us, we certainly will appreciate any anything you can contribute.

We’re hoping to meet our goal on or before July 13, to get our video into production as soon as possible. If you would like be a part of helping us to funding our new the promo video, you can make a donation of any size here:

Having a professional-produced promo video would allow us to showcase the professionality and uniqueness of DVA as we continue our growth as one of top virtual airlines communities online.

Thank you ALL for being a part of DVA.


CEO, DVA – Delta Virtual Airlines