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How to get started flying as a DVA Pilot:

1. Read this page, take a look at the rest of the website.

2. Fill out an application (found at the bottom of this page)

3. If accepted, congratulations, read the welcome email.

4. Download and install VAFS to track your flights.

5.Build those hours and get promoted!

*Note, to stay active, DVA pilots must fly a minimum of 2 flights per month, unless excused or on leave.

How to fully enjoy being a DVA Pilot (after your application is approved):

1. Be active! We have a teamspeak server where pilots can get to know each other and fly together. Give it a try!

2.Read the forums and website often. Lots of good information passes through both.

3.Fly the group flights! Group flights are are awesome, you are guaranteed to have fun. To fly the group flights you must be on teamspeak and the multiplayer server.

4. If you prefer text chat to voice chat, we have DVA Pilot Chatroom where you can communicate with fellow pilots. DVA pilot approval, as well as user registration, is necessary to participate.


What is Delta Virtual Airlines?

-A Virtual Virtual Airline open to all users of FSX and FS2004 over the age of 15.

As a pilot, am I required to fly on VATSIM?

-No, DVA pilots are allowed to fly on any server, or offline.

Do I need to be checked out in different aircraft?

-No. We allow our pilots to fly any aircraft in the fleet, regardless of pilot rank.

How do I get promoted?

-Promotions in the pilot ranks are based upon total hours. Each promotion brings a pay raise.

Do my hours from another VA transfer?

-No. Why? Since the VA opened in 2007, this has been our policy. Every hour on the pilot roster has been flown as a DVA pilot. This prevents false hour transfers.

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