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    2019-05-25 DVA Unclassified Mission (06)

    12:00 pmGMAD-Al-Massira, Agadir Morocco to GCLP-Gran Canaria Is, Spain

    GMAD-Al-Massira, Agadir Morocco to GCLP-Gran Canaria Is, Spain (344.9nm) (:59) RWY 10196ft

    Recommended aircraft: Airliners (Diplomats, Military Leaders and families)


    MISSION BRIEF: This flight is unclassified. The NATO operations in Northern Africa to keep strategic areas out of control of the insurgents and radicals were a complete success. Much of this success was due to DVA’s participating in performing these critical secret missions. We are transporting all operation participants off the African continent for a mission debriefing on Gran Canaria Island.  Yes, this is a boondoggle to reward everyone for an outstanding performance, and we are invited to participate.

    View the link below to see what awaits us on this beautiful island:


    The NATO authorities and the Delta Virtual Airline CEO and COO thank all DVA pilots that made these missions such a success and have decided to provide us unlimited resources as we party on Gran Carnaria Island.

    Meet us on the DVA TeamSpeak Server Between 11:30-11:45 EDT for pilot briefs.
    We will be using the JoinFS multiplayer flight application.
    “Special Events Assistant” Charlie-DVA395