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    Bring your Mountain Flying Bible, Part 2

    12:00 pmSAME (Mendoza Intl, Argentina

    SAME-SCEL (Mendoza Intl,Argentina-Benitez Airport, Chile)

    This flight is probably the most difficult mountain flight I have ever test flown. We are tracing the disastrous flight of the Uruguayan Rugby team on their way to Santiago, Chile in 1972. The flight over the Andes's starts at Mendoza, Argentina after a fuel stop from a long flight from Montevideo, Uruguay. The aircraft then was a Fokker F-27 (Fairchild-Hiller FH-227D). The destination is Pudahuel Airport in Chile only about 100 nm away. This trip requires a enormous climb over the Andes in a short distance. If you haven't seen the movie "I am alive" I encourage you to watch it.

    Our group flight requires a little bit of planning. We are not in a F-27 but in a Piper PA-28RT. you must download this AC so that we can all be on the same page. You must bring oxygen tanks as we need to go up to 16000 feet. No, this will not be flying a direct GPS course as there are many obstacles and many turns to be made. However it will be a VFR flight. I did however find a route that the Piper could handle and I suggest you follow me in close formation. Expect slow climbing and make sure you handle your prop and mixture properly.
    History Channel documentary "I am alive" here:

    Download PA-28 here(I have already installed the Flypad II in the download):


    This is an excellent freeware with full 3D panel and complete 2D panel as well. Very easy to download and install. DOC file (in the download) includes AC performance info

    FSX/FS9/P3D/TS/JoinFS/VAFS# 7000

    Aircraft Piper PA-28RT

    DVA471 Kaj H

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    Bring your Mountain Flying Bible Part 3

    12:00 pmENHA (Stafsberg, Hamar,Norway)

    ENHA (Hamar)-ENFG (Fagernes)-EBSG (Sandane)

    Our DVA group is on a Salmon Fishing vacation in Norway. Some of us are staying at the world famous fishing lodge Fjellhygga at Hamar Lake, Hamar. The rest of the group is staying in Fagerness at Fagerness Inn. Colleagues from Scandinavian Airlines invited us to join them at Sandane for a Salmon fishing expedition. We will pick up our DVA's at Fagernes and head out to Sandane

    ENHA E730/L31-ENFG E2697/L60 (53nm)-ENSG E210/L2742 (104nm)

    FSX/FS9/P3D/TS/VAFS #7000/JoinFS

    Small single engine aircraft recommended.

    by DVA471 Kaj H